Life really does looks different through the camera.

I am Steve Watkins I am a wedding photojournalist and an artist with a very distinct style of relaxed timeless artistic reportage wedding photography.

  • I’ve been photographing weddings for years and I’m still really passionate about my work.
  • I am really easy going which helps people open up and allows me to get great images.
  • I love blurry dreamy like backgrounds where only certain parts are in focus.
  • Completely unobtrusive, I work almost exclusively without flash using only available light even in the evening.
  • I like to think of myself as a black & white photographer who uses colour where it adds something.

Whilst I’m very easy going my photographic style is more than just a series of candid snaps of the wedding. My photos tells the story of the wedding in a natural yet artistic way. I am really passionate pushing myself to do better and better. I intentionally limit the number of weddings I photograph each year down to just 30 so that each one is given special attention spending about a week on each.

I prefer to photograph intimate, relaxed weddings where the emphasis is on enjoyment and celebration with between 10 and 120 guests.

I based in Bristol and Torquay but travel world wide for something special.

If you like the look and sound of what I offer then I’d love to hear from you.