Umm I not really interested in wedding photography awards and certainly not fame, not these days. Don’t get me wrong it is nice to win an award or have some form of public recognition because it makes you feel good, and I am pleased to see photographers win awards, it really is nice for them. But I am not here to impress the editor of Brides magazine or be the latest Cosmo Bride photographer of the year. Being highly featured in a national bridal magazines may bring a degree of fame and does give a wedding photographer a certain degree of credibility bringing in potential new clients.

My thoughts are however I want to attract clients who like my style of reportage wedding photography not those who are just interested in having the latest award winning photographer whoever that may be. or those who want to get  themselves featured in some magazine or blog somewhere. I want to give you, my clients, the best wedding photos I can, images which capture your wedding day and evoke memories in years to come. If I were to spend an hour hanging you off a cliff in your wedding dress on your wedding day for an award winning photo or for some feature in a bridal magazine, I wouldn’t be doing my job properly. The memories evoked by your wedding album would be of hanging off a cliff rather than serve as reminders of the fun you had with your friends and family.

The best recognition I can ever really have is when you give me a hug or phones up after the wedding and says you are really pleased with what I’ve done for you personally.

That said I’ve been lucky in competitions in the past.